Q1 2024

A Pivotal Leap Forward in Blubird’s Journey


Q1 2024 marks a significant phase in Blubird’s evolution, with major developments across its platform that signal a strong start to the year. From launching its testnet of the Decentralized Deployer to bringing key modules online, Blubird is setting the stage for a transformative impact in the Web3 ecosystem.

Q1 2024

The Plan

The upcoming quarter heralds a period of substantial progress and innovation for our platform, beginning with the testnet launch of our Decentralized Deployer, a pivotal move towards validating our platform’s readiness for broader application. Following closely, the activation of our investor portal offers a refined interface for investment management, tailored to the modern investor’s requirements. The rollout of our legal module introduces a simplified approach to compliance and governance within the blockchain space, marking a significant leap in user facilitation. Our commitment to enhancing platform interoperability will be evident through the initiation of Layer 1 integrations, broadening our platform’s flexibility and outreach. The migration of our Decentralized Deployer to the mainnet underscores our platform’s readiness for real-world deployment. Concurrently, our business development efforts will intensify, focusing on forging strategic partnerships and expanding our market presence. The quarter will also see the commencement of development for our Equity and ESOPs module, reflecting our commitment to streamlining equity management and employee benefits. Supporting these ambitious projects, we plan to expand our team, bringing in new talents to drive our vision forward.

The Highlights

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    This first quarter of 2024 emphasizes technological advancements and sustainable growth, focusing on community engagement and setting new benchmarks in the Web3 space.
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    Planned initiatives from testnet launches to team expansion aim to keep Blubird at the forefront of blockchain innovation, offering robust, user-centric solutions for the digital economy of tomorrow.

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