Q2 2023

Navigating Towards Excellence


The second quarter of 2023 is a period of significant accomplishments and strategic advancements for Blubird. This phase sees the completion of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for key modules and the intricate planning and development of the white-label architecture, setting a robust foundation for the platform’s future growth.

Q2 2023

The Plan

Early in the upcoming quarter, Blubird will complete User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for its key modules, ensuring they align with user needs. Simultaneously, the team will begin mapping and planning for an ambitious set of 28 additional modules, meticulously detailing their functionalities and potential impacts. As the season progresses, focus will shift towards the white-label architecture, laying out a detailed blueprint to guarantee seamless integration and customization capabilities, tailored specifically for corporate clients. This development phase will mark the creation of a highly anticipated component within Blubird’s ecosystem. The quarter will culminate in the finalization of the white-label portal, introducing a versatile tool that offers module selection, theme customization, and secure payment integration. Concurrently, a comprehensive marketing plan will be devised, aiming to showcase Blubird’s innovative solutions and set the stage for a successful market launch.

The Highlights

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    Strategic development and meticulous planning underscore Q2 2023 at Blubird, focusing on finalizing key modules and developing a white-label architecture.
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    Preparation for market engagement and commitment to delivering tailored, user-centric solutions set the stage for an exciting phase of product development.

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