Q2 2024

Accelerating Innovation and Engagement


The second quarter of 2024 is a period of significant advancements for Blubird, characterized by the beta and public releases of the main app, TGE and Token launch, design finalization for Blubird Trax, and the commencement of white-label integrations. These steps underscore Blubird’s commitment to innovation and user-centric development.

Q2 2024

The Plan

This upcoming quarter is set to be a pivotal period for our platform, commencing with the beta release of our main application, which introduces users to the latest blockchain functionalities and opens the door for invaluable real-world feedback. This phase is followed by the significant milestone of launching the Blubird token, integral to transactions, governance, and fostering a vibrant community within our ecosystem. Concurrently, the design of Blubird Trax is finalized, laying the groundwork for its development and integration, enhancing our ecosystem’s capabilities. The introduction of our first white-label integrations represents a key achievement, providing tailored solutions to meet our corporate clients’ specific requirements. This quarter will also witness the transition of our main application from beta to public release, showcasing Blubird’s commitment to delivering a refined user experience to a wider audience. Additionally, the rollout of automated features within our platform promises to streamline operations and improve user interactions significantly. The beta release of our Equity Module marks a forward leap in making equity management and investment opportunities more accessible, previewing future platform functionalities. Following the launch of these new features and modules, a comprehensive post-launch analysis and user feedback collection initiative will be undertaken to ensure ongoing improvement and alignment with user expectations.

The Highlights

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    Throughout Q2 2024, Blubird emphasizes releasing, refining, and expanding its offerings, from the beta release of its main app to strategic post-launch feedback collection.
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    The company remains focused on fostering a robust, engaging, and user-friendly platform, leveraging blockchain technology to equip users for the Web3 landscape.

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