Q3 2023

Enhancing Capabilities and Launching New Frontiers


In Q3 2023, Blubird takes significant strides in its platform development, focusing on integrating the white-label architecture and conducting comprehensive QA testing. This period is pivotal in enhancing the platform’s offerings and ensuring its readiness for broader engagement, culminating in the launch of the Blubird website.

Q3 2023

The Plan

The upcoming quarter will be marked by significant advancements, starting with the integration of the white-label architecture into Blubird’s main application, a pivotal move to enhance the platform’s offerings and provide customized solutions to corporate clients. Alongside this, rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) testing will be conducted to ensure the platform’s performance and reliability meet the highest standards. A landmark achievement will be the launch of the Blubird website, serving as the primary portal for showcasing Blubird’s innovative products, engaging potential users, and building community interactions. This step is crucial in strengthening Blubird’s online presence and fostering meaningful user engagement.

The Highlights

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    Blubird focuses on integrating key architectures and conducting rigorous QA testing in Q3 2023, laying a solid foundation for future growth.
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    The launch of the Blubird website marks a significant step in establishing an online presence and engaging with the user community, showcasing its commitment to high-quality, tailored solutions.

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