Q3 2024

Expanding Horizons and Enhancing Capabilities


In the third quarter of 2024, Blubird is set to achieve another series of ambitious milestones, including the public release of the Equity Module, the introduction of Blubird Trax, and the advancement of deploy module features, alongside beginning development on the AMM Module.

Q3 2024

The Plan

The upcoming period marks a significant phase in Blubird’s evolution, starting with the beta launch of Blubird Trax which provides a preview into state-of-the-art tracking functionalities that prioritize transparency and efficiency. Following a successful beta phase, the public release of Blubird Trax extends its advanced insights and analytics capabilities to all users, enhancing the platform’s utility. The Deploy Module’s introduction of Web3 wage runs exemplifies Blubird’s commitment to innovation, offering a streamlined approach to blockchain-based payroll processes. Additionally, the commencement of the Automated Market Maker (AMM) Module’s development underscores Blubird’s dedication to improving liquidity and trading efficiencies, further solidifying its ecosystem’s robustness.

The Highlights

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    Q3 2024 highlights Blubird’s commitment to expanding its offerings and enhancing platform capabilities, from the public release of the Blubird Trax to the development of the AMM Module.
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    This quarter reflects Blubird’s ambition to lead in blockchain innovation by enriching user experiences and addressing the community’s evolving needs with advanced features and comprehensive solutions.

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