Q4 2023

Strengthening Foundations and Strategic Expansion


The fourth quarter of 2023 is a transformative period for Blubird, focused on enhancing the platform’s infrastructure through the integration of front-end and back-end systems and conducting live data testing. This quarter also features a strategic acquisition of Jubi, setting the stage for an expansive relaunch.

Q4 2023

The Plan

Blubird plans to significantly enhance the user experience by integrating the application’s front-end with its back-end, ensuring seamless, real-time data flow. This essential development stage will also include live data testing to assess system performance under real-world conditions and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, an end-of-year review will be conducted to reflect on achievements, assess progress, and identify areas for improvement, setting strategic goals for future growth and innovation. In a strategic move, Blubird will acquire Jubi, incorporating its no-code tools and smart contract capabilities into the ecosystem. This acquisition aims to bolster Blubird’s offerings, facilitating the streamlined management of tokens and project launches within the Web3 space, and laying the groundwork for a comprehensive relaunch.

The Highlights

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    Blubird focuses on critical infrastructure enhancements, connecting front-end and back-end systems for a seamless user experience, and conducts live data testing for real-world performance insights in Q4 2023.
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    The strategic acquisition of Jubi and integration of its no-code tools into Blubird’s ecosystem will mark a significant expansion, setting the stage for a comprehensive relaunch and strengthened Web3 transition services.

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