Q4 2024

Fostering Growth and Empowering Communities


The final quarter of 2024 is marked by the initiation of several groundbreaking developments at Blubird, including the Social Impact and Identity & Reputation Modules, alongside community-building tools and a Project Management Hub. This period also sees the AMM Module’s public release and the kick-off of Blubird’s Series A equity round.

Q4 2024

The Plan

In the coming months, Blubird embarks on a series of strategic developments, reinforcing its commitment to social impact through the initiation of the Social Impact Module development. This module aims to harness real-time tracking of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and viral trends, alongside mapping conversational networks. Simultaneously, development begins on the Identity & Reputation Module, enhancing trust and interaction within the Blubird ecosystem. The creation of community building tools is set to bolster user engagement, fostering stronger community bonds. Work on a Project Management Hub also commences, aimed at optimizing collaboration and productivity for teams on the Blubird platform. A significant milestone is reached with the launch of Blubird’s Series A equity round, offering investors a chance to contribute to Blubird’s growth trajectory. Concurrently, the design of Blubird X is finalized, laying the groundwork for its future development and launch. The quarter is also marked by the public release of the AMM Module, a leap forward in enhancing liquidity and trading efficiency as well as the public release of the Equity Module, a major move towards making equity management and investment universally accessible. The year concludes with an end-of-year review, reflecting on achievements, challenges, and lessons learned, setting a roadmap for continuous innovation and expansion in the future.

The Highlights

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    Q4 2024 showcases Blubird’s initiation of strategic developments like the Social Impact and Identity & Reputation Modules, community-building tools, and a Project Management Hub, along with the Blubird Trax and AMM Module’s public releases and the launch of its Series A equity round.
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    These initiatives underscore Blubird’s vision for a more interconnected and impactful Web3 ecosystem, highlighting its commitment to empowering communities and leading transformative blockchain solutions.

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