Product Deep Dives


In an age where digital transformations shape the foundations of businesses, the leap from Web2 to Web3 represents a quantum shift in how enterprises operate. As companies grapple with the complexity of this transition, one platform stands out as a beacon of guidance and support: Blubird.


Designed meticulously to facilitate this seismic shift, Blubird pioneers the pathway to Web3 with a comprehensive suite of modular services. Each module targets a distinct aspect of Web3 operations, ensuring that enterprises transitioning to this new digital frontier are well-equipped with all the necessary tools.


But what makes Blubird the ultimate foundation for Web3 transition and productivity enhancement? This guide dives deep into the core modules of Blubird: Tokenomics, Cap Table, and Deploy. Together, these modules form a robust and efficient ecosystem that aims to empower startups and established enterprises in the Web3 realm.


Whether you’re a Web3 novice or an established player in the blockchain industry, this article aims to illuminate the unique offerings of Blubird and how they can provide an integrated, seamless transition into Web3 operations. From the intricacies of tokenomics to the nuances of cap table management and token deployment, let’s embark on this journey to unravel the innovative solutions that Blubird brings.


Prepare to delve into the world of Blubird, where transitioning to Web3 becomes less of an intimidating leap and more of an intuitive progression, powering a new generation of decentralized enterprises.


What is Blubird?

At its core, Blubird is a comprehensive, user-friendly platform designed to help businesses navigate and thrive in the Web3 space. Blubird’s primary offering is its meticulously crafted modules, each focusing on a vital aspect of a business’s journey in the Web3 realm.


Blubird’s mission is twofold. First, it aims to guide Web2 enterprises in transitioning to the Web3 domain. The Web3 era promises greater decentralization, transparency, and user control, transforming how we understand and interact with the Internet. However, this transition can be complex and daunting. Blubird simplifies this process, providing intuitive tools and guidance to help businesses grasp and implement the innovative concepts of Web3.


Second, Blubird seeks to bolster the productivity and efficiency of existing Web3 startups. By offering a modular approach to services, startups can select the tools they need to streamline their operations, drive growth, and harness the full potential of the Web3 paradigm.


Blubird’s core modules—Tokenomics, Cap Table, and Deploy—each serve a unique function in the platform’s ecosystem. Whether you’re a novice exploring the possibilities of token creation and management or a seasoned player looking to optimize cap table management and contract deployment, Blubird’s modules provide you with a scalable, all-encompassing solution.


Moreover, Blubird’s integrated approach ensures a seamless workflow between its modules, enhancing efficiency and eliminating opportunities for human error. This harmony between modules empowers businesses to navigate the Web3 space confidently and effectively, all under one roof.


In essence, Blubird is more than a platform—it’s a partner on your journey towards decentralization, equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to leverage the groundbreaking potential of Web3.

Module 1: Tokenomics

In the emergent landscape of Web3, digital tokens are the lifeblood of decentralized networks. Their design, distribution, and dynamics – collectively called ‘Tokenomics’ – form the cornerstone of any successful blockchain project. With Blubird’s comprehensive Tokenomics module, navigating this complex realm becomes seamless.

Engineered for Expediency

The Tokenomics module streamlines the token creation process, transforming an intricate task into a user-friendly experience. With its guided wizards for beginners and advanced users alike, inputting the foundational information for token creation is accelerated, making rapid prototyping a reality.

Innovative Forecasting Tools

Recognizing the critical role of predictive analysis in tokenomics, Blubird incorporates advanced emissions forecasting tools. These tools translate complex data into easily understandable charts and graphs, visually representing a token’s potential trajectory. This functionality empowers users to anticipate and plan for future market scenarios.

Flexible Prototyping

In the dynamic world of Web3, flexibility is paramount. The Tokenomics module offers parallel prototyping, allowing for the swift updating of tokenomics or experimentation with various combinations. Whether refining an existing token design or exploring uncharted territories, this feature ensures that innovation never stands still.

Seamless Integration

Efficiency is at the heart of Blubird’s design. The Tokenomics module smoothly integrates with the Cap Table and Deploy modules, enhancing operational efficiency and eliminating the potential for human error. Blubird ensures a streamlined journey from token creation to deployment by orchestrating these distinct elements into a harmonious workflow.

Expert Assistance

Understanding the nuances of tokenomics can be a daunting challenge. To support users throughout this process, Blubird offers expert assistance for founders requiring guidance in devising their tokenomics. This hands-on support ensures that users can confidently and distinctly navigate the token creation journey.

Blubird’s Tokenomics module simplifies the complexity of creating and managing digital tokens. Designed for intuitiveness and efficiency, this module empowers startups and established enterprises to fully leverage the potential of digital tokens in the Web3 ecosystem.

Module 2: Cap Table

The dynamic landscape of Web3 demands innovative financial management tools tailored to the precise needs of blockchain-based enterprises. Blubird’s Cap Table module meets these needs by seamlessly handling blockchain-style fundraising, equity, and hybrid equity-token offerings. As a result, it equips startups and transitioning enterprises to manage complex financial structures with unprecedented ease and precision.

Tokenomics Module Integration

One of the key strengths of the Cap Table module is its integration with the Tokenomics module. This feature provides automated calculations and essential figure tracking, ensuring your financial data is accurate, up-to-date, and readily accessible. No more manual calculations and tracking – the Cap Table module does all the heavy lifting for you.

Commissions Handling and KYC Functionality

Handling commissions in the Web3 domain doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The Cap Table module offers sophisticated commission-handling capabilities, streamlining this vital financial process. Furthermore, the module also provides streamlined Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures with mass drafts, batch sending, and follow-up functionality. These automated features help businesses meet compliance requirements with minimal hassle.

Self-Onboarding Portal

The self-onboarding portal with custom URLs and approval flow is a game-changer for startups seeking a hassle-free solution to cap table management. It provides a user-friendly interface, allowing businesses to onboard at their pace and preference. Plus, its clutter-free design makes navigating a breeze, ensuring that your focus stays on growing your business, not wrestling with complicated software.

Direct Communication with Deploy Module

One of the most remarkable features is its direct communication with the Deploy module. This feature ensures that distribution contract execution is accurate and consistent with your tokenomics and cap table data. This integration eliminates errors and streamlines the process, making the launch of tokens, distribution contracts, and NFT collections a seamless experience.

Automated SAFTs and Data Export

Security is paramount in any financial process. With automated Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFTs) featuring pre-filled data and secure signing, the Cap Table module ensures your fundraising process is efficient and safe. Plus, the capability to export data to spreadsheet files provides flexibility and convenience, making it easy to analyze, share, and store your financial data.

In the world of Web3, the Cap Table module by Blubird is a powerful ally. Handling complex financial processes efficiently, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best: innovating and growing in the Web3 domain

Module 3: Deploy

The third pillar of Blubird’s integrated platform is the Deploy module, a robust, secure, and intuitive tool engineered to revolutionize the launch of tokens, distribution contracts, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) collections.


Designed with the complexities of blockchain deployment in mind, Deploy takes the intricacy and uncertainty out of the process. It offers a guided, seamless experience, whether used independently or in unison with the other modules of Blubird.

Smart Contract Creation

At the heart of any successful blockchain operation lies the Smart Contract. Deploy understands this critical importance and simplifies the process of Smart Contract creation. Users can effortlessly import data from the Tokenomics module or use a guided wizard to create these digital agreements, ensuring secure, self-executing contracts that minimize risk and maximize efficiency.

Distribution Contract Execution

Distribution contract execution becomes a breeze with Deploy. By accurately integrating token allocation and vesting schedules from the Tokenomics and Cap Table modules or via CSV upload, Deploy ensures the precise execution of these contracts. This seamless functionality saves valuable time and resources, contributing to more efficient operations.

Airdrop Functionality

Deploy enhances the traditional airdrop process, allowing users to distribute tokens efficiently via copy-pasting or CSV file upload. This airdrop functionality empowers enterprises with a flexible, efficient way to create buzz, reward loyalty, or incentivize participation, further bolstering their Web3 engagement strategies.

NFT Engine

In a rapidly growing digital economy, NFTs have emerged as significant assets. The Deploy module supports this trend with a robust NFT engine, supporting ERC-721, ERC-721A, and ERC-1155 variants. Whether for individual assets or extensive collections with multiple variations, Deploy provides the tools to mint, manage, and monetize NFTs effectively.

All these components of the Deploy module integrate into a trustless design, reliant on the deployer, and audited by a leading global cybersecurity firm to ensure utmost security. The result is an efficient, reliable, and secure method for deploying and managing blockchain assets, fortifying the role of Blubird as a leading facilitator in the Web3 transition.

The Importance of Integration

In the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, integrating various functions and services is not merely a luxury but a necessity. A siloed approach may lead to disjointed operations, increased errors, and inefficiency – a price that emerging and existing businesses can ill afford in this competitive domain. This is where Blubird’s fully integrated suite of modules comes into play, revolutionizing how companies approach their Web3 transition and operations.


A key characteristic of Blubird’s design is the seamless integration of its core modules – Tokenomics, Cap Table, and Deploy. Each module does not exist in isolation but instead functions as a part of a well-coordinated system, reinforcing and enhancing the utility of the others. This approach ensures a unified, efficient, error-free operational flow, improving overall productivity.


The Tokenomics module, for instance, feeds vital data directly into the Cap Table and Deploy modules, eliminating the need for redundant data entry and reducing the risk of human error. Cross-module communication allows for precise tracking and management of equity-token offerings and blockchain-style fundraising initiatives.


Similarly, the Cap Table module communicates directly with the Deploy module, ensuring accurate and timely execution of distribution contracts. This synchronization of data across modules aids in preventing discrepancies and enhancing the accuracy of operations, thereby contributing to reliable, trustworthy transactions.


Furthermore, the Deploy module’s ability to incorporate information from the Tokenomics and Cap Table modules allows for the seamless execution of distribution contracts, token launches, and NFT collections, thus facilitating a cohesive operational strategy.


Blubird’s emphasis on integration extends beyond operational efficiency. It also aids in creating a more intuitive, user-friendly experience. By having all essential Web3 functionalities within a single platform, users can focus more on leveraging these tools for their business growth rather than navigating multiple disjointed services.


In essence, the importance of integration within Blubird’s ecosystem is twofold: it ensures a seamless, efficient operational flow, and it creates a simplified, more user-friendly experience. As such, Blubird’s integrated approach is crucial in unlocking the full potential of Web3, enabling businesses to thrive in this dynamic new landscape.

The Value of Blubird

As we stand on the precipice of the Web3 revolution, navigating the new landscape can seem daunting. Yet, with Blubird as your guiding partner, this transition becomes an enlightening journey of exploration and growth. The value Blubird brings to businesses venturing into or thriving in the Web3 space is multi-faceted and transformational.

Simplicity Amid Complexity

Web3 is brimming with potential, but it also presents a myriad of complexities that can be overwhelming. Blubird distils these complexities into easily understandable modules, providing a user-friendly platform for anyone, from novice to expert. By providing accessible tools and a seamless interface, Blubird breaks down the barrier to entry, making the vast world of Web3 accessible to all.

Unleashing Potential with Empowerment

By offering guided wizards, expert assistance, and comprehensive tools, Blubird empowers users to take control of their Web3 journey. Blubird encourages experimentation, learning, and growth. Whether it’s prototyping tokenomics, managing a cap table, or deploying tokens and NFTs, users can confidently explore and implement, driving their businesses forward in the Web3 landscape.

Adaptability for the Future

Web3 is a rapidly evolving domain. Blubird’s modular design ensures the platform remains flexible and adaptable, ready to incorporate future innovations. The ongoing development of new modules like the AI Advisor highlights Blubird’s commitment to staying at the forefront of Web3 technologies.

Security at the Forefront

In the world of blockchain and decentralized finance, security is paramount. Blubird’s comprehensive security measures, including a trustless design and rigorous audits by leading cybersecurity firms, provide peace of mind to users, fostering a safe and secure environment to operate within.

Innovation with Integration

The strength of Blubird lies not just in its individual modules but in the way they are integrated. By interconnecting the Tokenomics, Cap Table, and Deploy modules, Blubird has created a synergistic ecosystem that accelerates productivity and reduces the likelihood of human error. This harmonious integration transforms how enterprises approach Web3, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.

In summary, Blubird is not just a toolset; it’s an enabler for enterprises seeking to ride the wave of the Web3 revolution. By delivering an accessible, integrated, secure, and forward-thinking platform, Blubird stands as a valuable ally in the Web3 domain. Embrace the potential, harness the power, and let Blubird be your foundation in the expansive world of Web3.


Standing still is not an option in the rapidly evolving digital business landscape. The transition from Web2 to Web3 is not merely a trend; it’s a fundamental shift that represents the future of Internet-based enterprises, offering unbounded opportunities for innovation, growth, and productivity.

Blubird is more than just a platform; it is an ally that ensures businesses make this pivotal transition smoothly and efficiently. With our core modules’ integrated, robust functionality—Tokenomics, Cap Table, and Deploy—Blubird provides the tools, guidance, and support businesses need to survive and thrive in the Web3 realm.

As we’ve explored in this article, each module is a game-changer in its own right. From the rapid prototyping and profound insights of Tokenomics, the revolutionary financial management of the Cap Table, to the secure and efficient token launching process offered by Deploy, Blubird sets a new standard for Web3 business operations.

Our mission with Blubird is not merely about creating a service. It is about pioneering an ecosystem that empowers, supports, and facilitates the dynamic world of Web3. Whether you’re taking your first steps into this domain or looking to amplify your existing Web3 operations, Blubird is committed to being your reliable partner every step of the way.

As we continue to innovate and evolve, we look forward to being a part of your Web3 journey, facilitating growth, enhancing productivity, and contributing to a new, decentralized era of digital enterprise. Welcome to Blubird—your ultimate foundation for Web3 transition and beyond.